The Best Christmas Reads!

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  From endearing short stories, children’s fairytales and epic historical novels, reading during the festive period is a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the delights of the holiday season! As always, here are four picks that you might want to dive into – perhaps right away?   1.   A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens     A timeless classic and perhaps one of Charles Dickens’ most celebrated literary contributions, this book arguably kicked off the ‘Merry Christmas’...

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The Best Political Thrillers!

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  Politics likely was at the forefront of many conversations this past month, and surely polarized many more. And you know what to do when in doubt – pick up a book and start reading! I’ve picked out a quartet of the best political reads to while away the time this season. Enjoy! :   1.   The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama     What better way to kickoff this list than a book penned by none other than the outgoing US president? Obama’s autobiography is a thought-provoking, intimate and humorous look...

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Winterland Wonders!

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  It’s only November, and we have an endless winter ahead of us. And while there may not be enough blankets to hide under, think of snuggling under one and picking one of the below masterpieces. After all, you’ll never have time during the summer, spring or fall; that offer endless possibilities of beaches, festivals and events. So here you are!:   1.   The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt     Part of the book takes place in frigid New York City during the winter months, but part of it takes place in blazing hot...

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PINK: The Power of No!

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  2016 can well be touted as the year that mainstream Hindi cinema is coming of age. Airlift, Neerja, FAN, Ki & Ka, Sultan and now PINK.   PINK empowers. A well-made courtroom room drama around the rampant malady that is rape, PINK takes a bold stand, adopting as its central theme, the concept of consent. “No means, no.” States the sardonic defense lawyer, superbly enacted by the iconic Amitabh Bachchan. “No is not just a word. It is a complete sentence.”   Rape and assault are rarely about lust. Always about power....

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A Wacky Interview!

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  We put the man behind Colours in the Spectrum and this website to a rapid fire. Check out what Jayant Swamy has to say!:   1. What is the one book you wouldn’t wish your worst enemy has to endure?   I have stopped reading several novels because they failed to get me interested within the first 20-50 pages. Yet I cannot recall any that would fall into this category!   2. If you could play a character in any novel out there, which one would it be?   Sherlock Holmes remains my eternal favorite. For his superior...

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Underrated Novels Going Around

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  Underrated titles are really not a dime a dozen even in this fast-paced era, and every now and then one might just catch your fancy and leave a lasting impression. Here are four you can begin with, complete with testimonials from some big readers on your favourite social network! :   1.   The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein     Told from the perspective of a race car driver’s aging dog, the book is packed with so much heartfelt human insight. I still can’t reread it without tearing up. It’s a...

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4 Picks from the Contemporary Indian Writing Scene

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  It’s always a feat picking books from any scene; but with the flowering of the Indian literary scene this century and a little way prior – here’s thinking some nominations are in order. Here are four titles you can pick up off of the shelves at the bookstore on your next visit!   1.   RK Narayan – The Guide     Best known for stories based in and around the fictional village of Malgudi, The Guide is yet another RK Narayan story set up there. This prolific author won the Sahitya Akademi Award...

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The Best Books from the 21st Century!

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Into the new century, things in the field of books are suddenly murkier, Kindle-ier, and less classed up with age. Then again, sixteen years are a long time to pen some wonderful titles and this week I dig into four of the best ones thus far!   1.   Atonement by Ian McEwan (2001)     This novel, published in Britain in 2001, coalesces around an imaginative young girl’s heedless mistake, one that alters a number of lives. It sweeps from 1935 England through World War II into contemporary times. It’s about guilt,...

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4 Top Movies that are based on Books!

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Book lovers may be wary of heading to the theatre unless they’ve already at least thumbed through the original work, but that’s still no guarantee that the film itself is stellar. But you have to admit: that there are some movies just as good as the books they are based on.   In this month’s blog post, we handpick four movies that are as nuanced as the authors’ writing:   1.   Silence of the Lambs     This novel was critically acclaimed — Roald Dahl called it, “subtle, horrific and splendid,...

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FAN Review

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  FAN is a one-man show twice over. That showman is SRK who plays the roles of both the superstar and his obsessive fan.   In the role of the aloof superstar Aryan Khanna whose career is at sunset, a man closer to his real age, SRK is unafraid to show the lines and wrinkles on his face. As the obsessive fan Gaurav, SRK’s performance goes way beyond his prosthetic aids, relying on aggressive body language, sniveling demeanor and a squeaky voice, to project the uncertainty and impulsiveness of a younger man in his twenties, running...

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