Family Secrets


Family Secrets, a dynastic drama spanning three generations, narrates the warring tale of two half-brothers, out to decimate each other, during the mid-eighties.


The easy going Siddhartha, an English teacher, is the son of prosperous lawyer Vikramaditya. At a conference of the bar council held to posthumously felicitate lawyer Vikramaditya, Siddhartha is sidelined and the honour is bestowed on business tycoon Abhimanyu. Overpowered by envy, Siddhartha has to confront the irony of fate. Abhimanyu, his father’s illegitimate son, has been the owner of the entire Vikramaditya fortune, right from the day of his birth. The blue-blooded Rani Gayatri Devi, despite being the other woman, has garnered societal sanction of being Vikramaditya’s wife.


Vowing to avenge Abhimanyu, Siddhartha transforms himself into a conman, adopts the mantra ‘The proof of the project lies in the planning’, executes an elaborate heist at a jewelry showroom belonging to Abhimanyu’s Conglomerate, and makes away with diamonds worth several lakhs of Rupees. He is supported by his petite wife Sadhana.


In retaliation, Abhimanyu capitalizes on his clout as the chairman of a premier bank and executes a single masterstroke, to hurl Siddhartha’s business into financial ruin. Siddhartha discovers that Rani Gayatri Devi possesses a bejeweled tiara, a sacred heirloom of her royal lineage. He plots to steal it.


While the mad war dance continues unabated, Rahul, Abhimanyu’s son from the exquisite woman abandoned twenty years back, arrives on the scene. Abhimanyu desires to groom Rahul as the future CEO of the Conglomerate but Rahul only yearns for public acknowledgment of his birthright. What emotional torments beleaguer Rahul? Will the father-son duo find common ground?


Abhimanyu formulates a three-pronged strategy to vanquish Siddhartha. Does he succeed? What happens to the stolen tiara? Does realization strike before the situation spirals out of their collective control?


If death is inevitable will rebirth be the road to redemption? The Family Secrets saga will continue with the sequel, Poetic Justice.