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Non-Fiction: Compilation of true incidents from the life of a gifted humanitarian


Fiction:  An Extract from Zoom, Boom, Doom


The wind wailed through the Zen – Tarun and Sanat had rolled down the windows – making love to Aman’s mop of hair and evaporating the sweat that adorned his brow. The new highway was bereft of traffic. “Whoo hoo,” Aman felt a peculiar exhilaration as he pressed the gas pedal and watched the needle on the gas dial touch 100 km/ hour. “I have done it.”


“Only halfway there.” Sanat and Tarun chorused from the back seat. “Turn around. You have to reach the Century Club before 5 PM.”


The butterfly swarm returned in full force to the pit of Aman’s stomach. He nervously looked at his right wrist. “No way.  Not in thirty minutes.”


“You can stop the car wherever you choose and I will take over,” Roger said. “You can admit you have lost.”


“What’s new? Aman Loser. Aman Loser. . .” Sanat and Tarun howled incessantly.


Aman checked his blind spot and changed lanes. This was the third and last bet. He had to win it at all costs. Aman had even obtained his Driver’s License last month so he could win the bet.


“Remember the first bet?” Sanat said. “I am not afraid of dogs. I will come to your house. You can unchain both your dogs. That is what he said.” He imitated Aman.


“He stood in front of your gate and refused to enter. Loser. Loser . . .” Tarun said.


“Fifteen years ago, my father was bitten by a dog at his friend’s house. His friend’s family just stood and watched as the dog attacked my father. I still remember how shaken I was when he returned home that day.  I have an irrational fear of dogs. Getting bitten was not worth the risk for a couple of hundred rupees.” Aman defended himself.


“What about the second bet? You lost that too.” Tarun taunted.