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Colours in the Spectrum

...... The book is written lovingly, passionately, intensely...  I found it very appealing and disturbing as well... not light reading at all. Reading some passages I felt I have also experienced this. Later on I saw characters that I have also observed. Then there were things I found overwhelming. They impacted my mind.  That is where the success of the book lies....

- Testimonial: Kannada actor Anant Nag
Anant Nag Testimonial
Kirkus review Jayant Swamy
What its about...


At thirty-five, having lived a major portion of his adult life in Los Angeles, Karan finds that his life is in shambles. Dolly, the child he lovingly parented is taken away from him and he has lost his God-given gift. All the women he loved have deceived him. Karan is penitent for having humiliated Danny, a friend who wanted to be much more.


Seeking atonement, Karan returns home to discover that the world he left behind is no longer familiar. Bangalore has transformed into the burgeoning silicon megalopolis in the post-liberalization era of the nineties. Living in the ancestral house, haunted by memories of the debacled death of his parents, Karan faces a new fear – being afflicted by the unfulfilled wanderlust of the promiscuous Lila.


Karan reconnects with Arjun, Aarti, and Indu – each with a story to tell – rekindling the flames of friendship and love, trust and betrayal, and hope and despair. When tracing the whereabouts of Danny leads to a startling discovery, Karan has to confront the truth through a complex interplay of agony, forgiveness and grief. 

Colours in the Sprectrum

'We read this novel for our bookclub' ... 'Great debut novel...' 'Emphasizes how the choices we make define our future'....

A quietly dynamic novel about the power of love, faith and friendship.... Swamy has written a quiet yet purposeful novel whose philosophy is ....

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