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Family Secrets

The Times of India: Editorial review
Times of India Editorial review
Corporate thriller. Dynastic drama. 

Lights go off. At a prominent showroom in downtown Bangalore. A pregnant woman swoons. Glittering crystals disperse. Chaos reigns. Siddhartha, English teacher-turned conman pulls off a diamond heist. With unconditional support from his artiste wife.

Abhimanyu the authoritarian business baron retaliates. With a master stroke that will push Siddhartha into financial jeopardy. And renew Siddhartha's streak to wreak vengeance. A devious plot unfolds. Involving the royal heirloom belonging to Abhimanyu.

Provoked beyond limits, Abhimanyu pulls out all the stops. Even as he confronts the identity conflicts of a new-found son. Stage-managed bank deposits. Orchestrated raid. Hostile alliance. Until he faces a  sordid truth revealed by the blue-blooded mother he worships. 

Family Secrets
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'Jayant is an amazing storyteller'...'Infused with theatrical drama, thrilling chases, facets of...' 'Intricate and intriguing plot kept me wide awake'

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